Project Overview


To sponsor refugee families to settle in the Bow Valley.


  • to gather sufficient resources to enable us to provide financial, material, and emotional support during each families’ first year in Canada, as required by Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) Refugee Sponsorship Agreements;
  • to provide the support needed to make the family feel welcome in the Bow Valley, and to enable them to work towards a goal of being self-sufficient Permanent Residents after one year;
  • to work in partnership with Ralph Connor Memorial United Church as the Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH);
  • to form a broad-based community of volunteers working collectively to make this project a success;
  • to form a project organization/structure that will enable us to work efficiently, and that will provide financial, organizational, and volunteer oversight needed to ensure resources are used in a manner that is accountable to the goals we have established;
  • to create a “how to” legacy for future refugee sponsorship groups;
  • to expand the initiatives inspired by this project to build a more welcoming and inclusive community for all new immigrants in the Bow Valley.