How to Get Involved

We are very grateful for the support of the many volunteers who helped settle the Kahkejian and Tatari families! While we wait for the Bhatti family and Ahmad to arrive, we are seeking two volunteers: one to take minutes at our meetings (roughly six meeting per year), and one to help increase our social media presence. One we get closer to arrivals dates, we will again be seeking volunteers to help with settlement, housing etc.

There are other ways to help in the Bow Valley! People from over 60 countries call the Bow Valley home, including many who arrived as refugees, as well as foreign workers and Permanent Residents of Canada. You can help newcomers settle in the Bow Valley by volunteering to:

Find more local volunteering opportunities in your area: Canmore, the MD of Bighorn, and Banff and Lake Louise,

To learn more about immigration, and how you can help make the Bow Valley more welcoming, please contact Bow Valley Immigration Partnership
Email: bvip@banff.ca
Phone: (403) 497-4208
Facebook: @BVIPartnership
Instagram: @BowValleyLocals
Website: bvipartnership.com


Please note: volunteers are not required at this time

Volunteering for the Bow Valley Refugee Project

If you are interested in helping with some of the volunteer opportunities below, please complete and submit this form.

If you prefer, you can send an email directly, just be sure to include your Name, Email, Phone number, as well as an indication of what area you would like to volunteer for.

Email: bowvalleysyria@gmail.com

Volunteer Opportunities

Application/Arrivals Team*

Application/Arrivals Team

Application/Arrivals Preparation Lead

  • sponsorship agreement application and processing (liaise with RSMUC)

Airport Reception Lead and volunteers

  • preparation for initial meeting

Home Support Team*

Home Support Team Lead

Housing/Furniture Lead and volunteers

  • secure housing, implement repairs, assemble furniture

Household Items/Clothing Lead and volunteers

  • assemble kitchen,/cleaning etc. supplies, clothing

Groceries/Cooking Lead and volunteers

  • assist with shopping, orientation to kitchen/cooking

Welcome to Canmore Lead and volunteers

  • assemble maps, provide introduction to library and recreation services, connect with like families, liaise with child care

Transportation Lead and volunteers

  • assemble rosters of drivers, orient to Roam Transit

Settlement Support Team*

Settlement Support Team Lead

Interpreter/Language Lead

  • liaise/schedule interpreters, link through BVSS to ESL training

School Liaison Lead and volunteers

  • working with BVSS, orient to school system, assist to register

Heath Care Liaison Lead

  • with help from BVSS, orient to health care system, assist in registering, assist in finding doctor, dentist etc.

ESL/Job Training/Employment Counseling Lead and volunteers

  • assist in finding suitable language and vocational training

Financial/Banking Lead

  • orient to banking system, assist in opening accounts etc

Fundraising/Communications Team*

Fundraising/Communications Team Lead

Fundraising Lead and volunteers

  • fundraising plan for cash & in-kind (liaise with Home Support Team) donations

Communication Lead and volunteers

  • communications plan, outreach to BV residents & local service, clubs/community organizations, website, recruitment of volunteers

* designated volunteers on these teams will provide primary in-person support to the family. These volunteers will be required to undergo an RCMP record check; and agree to respect the confidentiality of the information they may be privy to.